Open Bookshelf in Düsseldorf-Kaiserwerth! (公共书架)


"Von allen Welten, die der Mensch erschaffen hat, ist die der Bücher die Gewaltigste."  Heinrich Heine (Translation: Of all the worlds people have created is the world from books the most powerful. 在所有人为的世界中, 书本的世界是最有力的, 海涅)


In this bookshelf, you can put books in and take books home all year around free of charge.  Share your books with other people in the community and make knowledge available to everyone.   Sprachenschiff is very proud to be the caretaker of such a public project.  在这公共书架里, 您可以随时免费把书放进, 把书带回家。 把您读过的书与他人分享, 让知识广泛传播。  语舟语言学校荣幸成为这个公共项目的监护者。 


Willkommen !  

Welcome !



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Fall Semeter 秋季学期: 10.9 - 20.12, 2018 (15.10 - 26.10 exclusive 除外)


Courses Time Cost
German A1         Monday & Thursday 9:30 - 11:00             350€              
German B2  Monday & Thursday 11:30 - 13:00 350€
German A2 Tuesday & Fridays 9:30 - 11:00 350€
German B1 Tuesday & Friday 11:30 - 13:00  350€
Youth Chinese HKS 3 Thursday 16:00 - 17:30 175€
Youth Chinese YCT 2 Thursday 16:00 - 17:30  175€
Intermediary English Tuesday 13:30 - 15:00 175€
UK/US - German cultural conversations Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:30  Free

English for Elementary School Kids  (3rd and 4th grades)

Wednesdays 15:00 - 16:30 175€
Individual lessons in German, English or Chinese

€30 / lesson,



You all are invited 邀请: 

Get-to-know Düsseldorf
with a walking oldtown tour!  认识杜塞 老城漫游

12.9.2018, 10:00 am 

A square kilometre full of churches, art and pubs in the heart of the city – this is Düsseldorf’s famous Old Town.

Discover the "longest bar in the world" - and much more. Düsseldorf's Altstadt (Old Town) is packed with more than 260 bars, restaurants, cafés, and breweries, along with everything else that adds to the flair of a historically grown city. Join an expert guide on a stroll through the pictureesque lanes, take a look behind the scenes and prepare to make surprising discoveries.

Sprachenschiff in the News: 

  • Starting fall 2018, Sprachenschiff will be the "Pate" (Godparent) for Kaiserswerth's public bookcase.  All people are welcome to place books into as well as take books out of this case.  The purpose of this bookcase is to foster public literacy and loving for reading.
  • This summer, Sprachenschiff has helped Hetjen's German Keramic Museum to launch a pilot project with a high-tech company in China, whereby the Chinese will make an App with virtual reality for people from afar to appreciate the beauty of the Düsseldorf treasure.  

Die wahre Heimat ist eigentlich die Sprache.  Sie bestimmt die Sehnsucht danach, und die Entfremdung von Heimischen geht immer durch die Sprache am schnellsten und leichtesten, wenn auch am leisesten vor sich.   

                               Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767 - 1835)


Ones true home really resides in his language. It determines his longing, and any sense of alienation from home comes out the fastest and easiest, even at the quietest times, through language                             Wilhelm von Humboldt



真正的故乡其实就是语言。它决定了人对故乡的向往; 在异地的生疏感,即便轻声细语,也会在语言里最快,最简单地被体会。                                         威廉·冯·洪堡(1767年至1835年)

Was ist , What is, 什么是 Sprachenschiff ?   

Es ist ein privates Bildungsinstitut mit dem Fokus auf den Sprachen Mandarin-Chinesisch, Englisch und Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Unser Motto lautet: "Über die Sprachgrenzen hinaus“.  Unsere muttersprachlichen Dozenten unterrichten Erwachsene sowie Jugendliche interaktiv in kleinen Klassen, auf Wunsch auch im Einzeltraining.


It is a private educational institution with focus on foreign language teaching in Mandarin Chinese, English and German.  Under the Mission "Beyond the linguistic boundaries", our native teachers teach adults and children alike in small interacitve groups, and of wish individually.


"语舟 (Sprachenschiff)" 是家从事中文,德文,英文教学的私立外文学校。以"跨越语言的局限" 作为指导方针,我们的母语老师们给成人和儿童在轻松互动的小班里,或者个人,授课。


Was macht uns einzigartig, What makes us unique, 什么使我们独树一帜 ?


1) Unsere Lehrer:  Muttersprachler mit Zertifizierung im Fremdsprachenunterricht, langjährigen Erfahrungen und der Motivation, Ausländern zu helfen
2) Teilnehmerzahl: höchstens 8 Schüler pro Kurs
3) Teilnehmer:  gebildet, mit Teamgeist, internationalen 
Erfahrungen und Visionen

4) Methode: ergebnisorientiert und praxisnah


a) Our teachers: only native speakers with foreign language certificates, long-years of  experiences and motivation to help foreigners

b) Format: all classes are limited to 8 participants

c) Participants: well-educated, mutually helpful and international experiences and vision 

d) Method: Our didactics are results-oriented and practical 


i) 我们的老师。  全部是母语,具有外教执照, 多年经验 和教学热情的老师。

ii) 我们的上课形式。 全部小班, 不超过8 人。 

iii) 我们的学生。 绝大多是受过高等教育, 到德国作为外派的工作人员。

iv) 我们的教学方法。 务实, 我们提倡以乐为学, 学以致用。 

 Wie ist der Unterricht organisiert, how are the group lessons organised, 小班如何上课 ? 


1) 3 Semester pro Jahr: August/Sept - Weihnachten, Neujahr - Ostern, Ostern - Sommerferien

2) Ferien & Feiertage nach NRW-Schulkalender

3) 2 Treffen pro Woche (Mo & Do, oder Di & Fr) je 2 Unterrichtseinheiten (90 Minuten)

4) (Optional) 1x im Monat privates Gespräch mit der Lehrerin (15 Minuten), 2 Kulturveranstaltungen pro Semester, Deutschstammtisch am 2. und 4. Mittwoch des Monats 


a) 3 Semesters per year: August/Sept - Christmas, New Year - Easter, Easter - Summer

b) Vacations and holidays according to State Nordrhein Westfalen school calendar.

c) 2 Meetings per week (Mo & Th, or Tu & Fr) a 2 classhours (90 minutes)

d) (optional) 1x in month private meeting with the teacher (15 minutes), 2 cultural events in each semester, and German "Stamm Table" every other Wednesday


i)  每年三学期。 八或九月到圣诞, 新年到复活节, 复活节到暑假

ii) 假期按照 北威州的学校校历

iii) 每周上课两次 (一四, 或二五), 每次两个学时 (90分钟)

iv) (自愿) 每周一次15分钟和老师一对一私聊, 每学期两次文化活动, 每第二个周三的德语角


Address / 地址


Sankt-Göres-Strasse 2

D- 40489 Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth


Kontact / 联系

 +49 211 2207758


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